About us

Throughout the years, people have started developing more of an interest in losing weight and getting into shape. Of course, these individuals will need to find gyms in your area, in order to find a place to workout and get fit. Thankfully, our website, gym-finder.net, makes the process a little bit easier, by offering a straightforward search engine, which can be used to scour through gyms, within a specific city, region or country. This will make the entire process a little more enjoyable.

We understand that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of available gyms. Therefore, we have joined together, with numerous websites, in order to compile a massive database of gyms, within these areas. With this database, everyone will be able to find a gym, which suits his or her specific needs.

We rely heavily on the feedback of our users, in order to update and improve our site and its features. With a simple, quick and free registration, users and gym owners will be able to access additional features.

Gym Seekers

Our website, gym-finder.net, offers comprehensive tools for finding gyms, within their areas.

  • Gym seekers will be able to perform an unlimited number of free searches for gyms in their area.
  • These individuals will receive in-depth details regarding each gym, including name, address and specific schedule for each.
  • Our database is updated on a regular basis, by relying on information from numerous websites and publications.
  • Our mapping system makes it easier to locate the gyms, within your area, while gaining access to driving directions.
  • With our free features, gym seekers can easily bookmark and save gyms that they wish to explore further, at a later time.

Gym Owners

Gym owners and managers need to seek our new customers. With gym-finder.net, gym owners will be able to advertise to these individuals for free.

  • It is possible to add an unlimited number of gyms or listings
  • Detailed information can be attached, including name, address, schedule and contact details
  • All gyms will be placed on a Google Map, which makes it easier for users to find
  • Easy way to update and add information to an existing region
  • Listings can be renewed automatically, in order to avoid expiration
  • Potential customers can directly contact gym owners through email